Standard Klean Sweep

Standard Klean SweepThis simple, easy to handle sweep provides an inexpensive tool for emptying bins up to 48' (14.6 m) diameter.
The unique back-up shield and torque tube combination adjusts for close floor clearance to maximize bin cleanup.
After one or two revolutions of the sweep, the job is done.
Standard Klean Sweep features:

  • Rubber disk end wheel assembly drives sweep around the bin
  • Intermediate flight bearings on 30' (9.1 m) diameter bins and larger
  • Drive includes driven sheave, belt and simplistic motor mount
  • 10" units have intermediate bronze bearings that support the flight every 10' (3.1 m) or less

 Hutchinson Klean Sweep

Commercial Klean Sweep

Commercial Klean SweepHutchinson's Commercial Klean Sweep is an outstanding performer for a minimal investment. These sweeps provide an economical solution for bin diameters up to 120' (36.6 m).

Commercial Klean Sweep features:

  • End wheel drive is either a 4 to 1 reduction drive for 810 models or 9 to 1 reduction drive for 1012 models.
  • Sweep tractor drive is standard for 1214 models (optional on 1012 models).
  • Intermediate flight bearings every 10' (3.1 m) or less running length of flight.
  • Sweep carrier provides extra support for flight in 48' (14.6 m) or larger bins on 810 and 1012 models. The 1214 models provide a sweep carrier in 68' (20.7 m) or larger bins.
  • Models 810 come standard with 2 to 1 oil bath reducer drive, models 1012 have a 3 to 1 oil bath reducer drive and 1214 models have 3 to 1 oil bath reducer drives up to 78' (23.8 m) bins or a 4 to 1 gear reducer drive for 80' (24.4 m) to 120' (36.6 m) bins.

Hutch Commercial Klean Sweep


 Standard & Heavy Duty Power Sweep


Standard & Heavy Duty Power SweepThe Power Sweep provides the convenience of powering both the unloading flight and the sweep with one motor on the outside of the grain bin. The sweep can remain inside the bin during the grain bin filling process, allowing it to be in position for use at a moments' notice. We have an excellent choice of power head options to fit your application that will complete your unloading system.

Standard and Heavy Duty Power Sweep features:

  • Center power well and roller supported gate with gear boxes
  • Bin sweep with 4 to 1 reduction drive sweep wheel
  • Under bin auger housing and flight
  • Appropriate number of intermediate wells
  • Control pipe kit with unique control lever for maximum pull

Hutchinson Standard & Heavy Duty Power Sweep Specifications


 Commercial Power Sweep

Commercial Power SweepThe Commercial Power Sweep is a unique concept adapted to commercial type storage. This sweep will accommodate a variety of unloading units including auger unloaders, u-trough and chain conveyors. Like our other power sweep, it offers the convenience of having the drive on the outside of the bin, but with the added feature of using a separate drive for the sweep. We have the drive necessary to complement the unloading system that you choose.

Standard and Heavy Duty Power Sweep features:

  • Two individual gearboxes allow compact design for center well
  • End wheel drive is either a 4 to 1 reduction drive for 600 models or 9 to 1 reduction drive for larger models
  • Intermediate wells provided with removable top flanges for easier installation
  • Sweep carrier provide extra support for flight and shield for sweeps in 48' (14.6 m) or larger bins
  • Control pipe kits with rack and pinion style openers

Hutchinson Commercial Power Sweep


Power Heads

horizontal auger unloading

25 inclined auger unloading Power Heads

standard vertical


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